For every application we have the appropriate solution.


In order to minimise different risks we are at your disposal with our expertise and are able to provide you with a filter device which fits your application in question.

Generally, we distinguish between the following applictions, when we are configurating our filter devices for you.

Oil mist

Oil mist takes place during processing with pure oil as a cooling lubricant. Oil mist can be described as a large amount of fine airborne oil drops or liquid particles, resulting from turning, milling, drilling and grinding with oil as well as processing with minimal quantity lubrication.

Emulsion mist with smoke

Emulsion mist takes place when processing with water mixable cooling lubricants. Emulsion mist can be described as a large amount of fine airborne liquid particles,  resulting from turning, milling, drilling and grinding with water mixable cooling lubricants.

Oil/Emulsion mist

With smoke production.In heavy metal working with oil or emulsion ( with more than 5% oil) smoke production can arise due to high process temparatures. Especially smoke is very difficult to filter due to the small size of its particles.

Digital filter device control system l We make filter device processes visible


ISI-TRONIC is the new filter device control system from ISI, which completely redefines air purification. For the first time it is possible to display all relevant working parameters, for example the degree of soiling of the different filter levels, the air volume flow or the differential pressure in the filter device in real time. Additionally, you can set the values for the air volume or the control reserve yourself.

With immediate effect all air filter devices from the COBARON, MEBARON and ELBARON series are available, as standard, with ISI-TRONIC. Invest in the future and consult us!

ISI Production

All of our air filter systems are designed and manufactured with the highest of quality standards at our headquarters in Germany.

ISI Sales

The employees of  ISI Vertriebs GmbH are available for you across Germany and are pleased to advise and help you on all aspects of industrial air purification.

ISI Service

Give the cleaning and maintenance of your filter devices to experienced professionals and use our manufacturer’s service.

Let’s introduce ourselves

The ISI Principle: Clean air at the work place.

The ISI Principle: Clean air at the work place. Clean air is our most important asset. All over Europe all eyes are focused on environmental issues and here industrial air purification plays a major role. As specialists in this field, we help you as much as we can to free the air in your company from oil and emulsion mist particles. To do this we can rely on more than 45 years of experience.

We are a major partner for companies in the metal working industry and advise you from the planning stage right up to the purchase of a suitable filter device. We accompany this process from the development of a suitable filter device to the installation of the device and the after delivery service. It’s important for us, even after you have purchased your device, to support you and remain your contact for questions concerning air purification in your company.

Regular maintenance is required so that your filter devices operate efficiently and optimally in the long term. Our manufacturer’s service is glad to undertake cleaning and maintenance for you. Properly serviced filter devices guarantee trouble free operation, best separation efficiencies and long service intervals.

Our customers worldwide rely on our competence in the field of industrial air purification. With more than 50.000 filter devices sold, we make sure that the air in your factory is clean, hence ensuring the health of your employees.

Many solutions for your particular situation

Our device series

mechanical combination filter device

mechanical filter device

electrostatic filter device

Service for air filter devices

ISI manufacturer’s service

Air filter devices require regular maintenance and cleaning in order to achieve optimum levels of separation efficiencies, safety in the production process and long service intervals. Professional cleaning of the filter elements is the key to reliable and trouble free operation of filter devices.

ISI Service GmbH offers you a professional all round service consisting of:

  • Device installation
  • Maintenance and cleaning of filter devices
  • Repairs
  • Spare parts service with original spare parts from ISI

You can choose between our three service packages: Base Package, Premium Package and Individual Package. Regardless of which package you choose , ISI Service GmbH a competent and professional partner, is there to support you.

45 Years

of experience


filter devices sold

40 employees

employees to help you

over 40

different product variations

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