EC Technology

Our device series COBARON, MEBARON and ELBARON® are fitted as standard with energy efficient and environmentally friendly EC fans from our technology partner ebmpapst.

General Brochure

In our general brochure you will find all information relating to ISI and our device series

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Energy saving up to 60% in comparison to standard AC motors
  • Energy consumption values which significantly under cut legal requirements
  • Continuous air flow rate setting via speed regulator
  • Increased service intervals of the filter media due to adjustment of the suction power to the application in question
  • EC motor regulated fans only use as much electricity as is actually required, that means further energy savings due to speed regulation/ regulation of air output
  • Controllable via ISI-TRONIC
  • Low noise level in comparison to devices with AC motors
  • Integrated soft start
  • Even less vibration during operation
  • Motor protection switch no longer necessary

Thanks to the interaction between ISI-TRONIC and our standard built in EC fans, the air volume in the filter device can be adapted automatically to the level of soiling of the filter media. The EC controlled fan can be continuously adjusted and can vary the required air volume. Thus, the suction performance of the filter device needed can be held constant over a maximum possible period of time, consuming as little energy as possible.

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