Mechanical filter devices

Mechanical filter devices direct the extracted air, which needs to be cleaned through different filter media (from coarse to fine) within the filter device. The aerosol particles, which are found in the extracted air are gradually held back in the different filter media.

Air filter devices for Emulsion and Oil mist

The filtration of the soiled air takes place from coarse to fine. In the pre-filter area of the filter device, an aluminium knit filter makes sure that the first coarse particles are filtered. Churned up metal shavings are also held back by the knit filter. Further filter specific media made up of different types of filter grade hold back the finer particles. The filtered air is then sent back into the factory hall as pure air. Regular changing of the saturated filter media ensures trouble free operation of the filter unit.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Simple maintenance due to exchanging the filters
  • Filter configuration can be individualised
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