Industrial air filtration- economical and plannable

All of our filter devices are, as of immediate effect , available as standard with our newly developed digital filter device controller ISI-TRONIC. With ISI-TRONIC an array of procedures in the filter unit can be monitored and assessed centrally through your company’s network , with a lap top connected directly to the tooling machine or with the optional ISI-TRONIC CONTROL.

Thanks to the use of filter devices with ISI-TRONIC, Industrial air filtration has never been so transparent, plannable and economical. Furthermore, all our filter devices use a highly efficient EC Fan from our technology partner ebmpast. Through consequent use of ecomical EC fans, energy savings of up to 60 % are realistically achievable.

General Brochure

In our general brochure you will find all information relating to ISI and our device series

What advantages do ISI filter devices bring with them?


Increasing environmental and health protection

Our filter devices collect contaminants at their source, filter them and emit the filtered air in the factory hall as pure air (degree of separation 99,95% from a mechanical filter device with HEPA filter).Without a filtration concept these harmful substances are emitted into the environment and can constitute health risks for your employees.

Reducing cleaning costs of your machines

Machine controls are especially sensitive to soiling from oil mist and fine dust. Increased cleaning and repair costs are the result. This applies to other electronic or mechanical operating facilities too. ISI filter devices prevent these problems firstly from arising and ensure a clean working environment.

Reducing Incidental costs

Due to higher and continuous separation efficiencies our filter devices can be operated via recirculated air. When using an ISI air filter device you don’t have to take any measures to circulate the air with large fans or open windows and doors. This in turn reduces heating costs.

Reducing Operating costs

Our filter devices are integrated in the tooling machines and return the cleaned and filtered oil back into the running operating process. The filtered oil stays in the machine circuit and can be reused. Recycling of cutting fluid in the machine working process ensures a sustainable and economical operation of your machines.

Long service intervals

Air filter devices from ISI are constructed so that they can be operated over many years. The devices are made using high quality materials and specialised manufacturing processes. Filter elements can be easily replaced and cleaned and are therefore not only more cost effective in the long run but also an advantage for your environmental footprint.

COBARAON -Mechanical combination filter device

The COBARON series has been developed in its purely mechanical form for applications with emulsion. For border line cases such as for example, cast iron with smoke, the COBARON filter system is available with an electrostatic filter cell and can hence be economically employed as a combination filter system.


Extraction of emulsion, heavy duty machining, high cutting performance, cast iron machining with oil for middle to large machine working areas.

MEBARON – mechanical filter device

Our filter system range MEBARON covers filter devices for tooling machines with small to very large working areas. MEBARON has also proved itself when implemented as a group solution for several tooling machines securing long service intervals.


Extraction of oil and emulsion mist, for small to very large machine working areas

ELBARON® – Electrostatic air filter system

The ELBARON® device series is made up of 18 different device versions and can be perfectly matched to your application in question in terms of size and air volume. ELBARON devices stand out due to their long service intervals and functional reliability.


Extraction of oil mist. Emulsion mist (for emulsion with higher levels of oil) and smoke. For small to very large machine tooling areas.

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