For the environment: Taking responsibility and utilising new technologies


The environment, sustainability in production processes as well as the development of the conservation of work process resources are at the forefront of many company’s entrepreneurial activities. Besides the effective operation of our devices to protect workers and the environment, this is also for us as a company a central theme. For many years already ISI filter devices have stood and carry on standing for energy efficient and economic operation at the work place.

ISI Filter Functionality

During processing oil mist, oil smoke or emulsion mist are produced in the machine tool working area, very often enriched by removed particles and dust. This air fluid mix of harmful substances to health and environment are extracted from the machine working area by the filter device and filtered by the different types of filter device, for example electrostatic filter device, mechanical or combination filter devices.The filter device is connected to the machine process and returns the cleaned and filtered oil or emulsion back into the running production process. The filtered oil or emulsion stays in the machine cycle and can be reused. The filtered air is then returned to the work environment and provides “Clean air at the work place and protection of the environment”. Furthermore, due to the circulation principle no heated air is lost in the factory. The return of coolants and lubricants into the machine cycle guarantees you a sustainable and environmentally friendly production process.

Long service intervals and easy exchange of the filter media

Due to our experience we can recommend you a custom fit device, which exactly fits your process in question. Perfectly matched filter technology ensures long service intervals as well as low maintenance operation of the devices.

Thanks to the special construction of our filter devices filters can be easily and quickly replaced leading to no significant downtimes of the devices.

Cooperation with technology partners

We cooperate with partners for which sustainability and efficiency are also key issues in their entrepreneurial activities. Hence , all the ventilators and motors fitted  in all our COBARON, MEBARON and ELBARON® devices are from our technology partner ebm papst and bear the Green Tech label. Together with our partners we provide room for further technological advancements, which we subsequently include in our filter devices.

Our filter devices reach with the EC fan motors from ebmpapst energy efficiencies which considerably exceed the EU energy Efficiency Regulations ( EU N° 327/2011).


With ISI-TRONIC we have developed the perfect addition to our already well established EC technology. The system automatically adjusts the actual required air volume to the degree of soiling of the filter elements. As filter contamination increases the rotation speed of the EC motor is adjusted. This interaction allows for a full utilisation of the filter elements at the same time as using the minimum required energy requirements of the motor. With ISI-TRONIC, preventative maintenance is for the first time practicable und workable and allows for an appropriately targeted spare parts order.
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