TEBARON – The compact, mechanical air filtration system for small to medium medium-sized machine working areas – Air performance: 600/720 m³/h*.

The application:

Separation of emulsion mist, for small to medium machine working areas.

With our TEBARON, we offer a compact air filter unit which meets today’s diverse possibilities of processing and the resulting pollutant profiles.

TEBARON is designed as a compact air filter unit for small to medium-sized machine working areas and for separating emulsion mist. Our main development goals were compact dimensions with maximum energy efficiency, economical operation due to low follow-up costs and maximum sustainability.

To achieve these goals, we use highly efficient controllable EC fans in the TEBARON-series. The standard, integrated pre-filter package is made up of three parts and is completely washable! It is highly effective against liquid and large to medium particles to protect the main filter and maximise its service life. The main filter can be individually adapted to the application. In the standard version, we use an H13 HEPA filter to achieve a filtration efficiency of 99.95% against particles of 0.3 μ.

TEBARON EH1-TR features our digital filter unit control system ISI-TRONIC. Via our network-compatible ISI-TRONIC, it is possible to set and monitor the filter unit or its optional accessories through a connected PC with an installed Internet browser.

Your advantages

  • Compact dimensions
  • ISI-TRONIC as standard where applicable
  • High-efficiency EC fan as standard
  • Adjustable speed and air output
  • Washable pre-filter
  • H13 HEPA filter achieves separation rates of up to 99,95%
  • Large range of assembly and connection accessories
  • Flexible adaptation to the application in question
  • Optimum service life
  • Quality Made in Germany


  • Extraction capacity of filter unit at spigot*: 600/720* m³/h
  • Total power consumption*: 0,42 kW
  • Operating voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz,1Ph+N+PE
  • Noise level*: 67 db(A)
  • Dimensions L/W/H in mm: approx. L 800 / W 493 /H 415
  • Colour: RAL 7035**
  • Weight: 53 kg

* Depending on the filter equipment
** Special voltage or special colour on request

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